Upgrade These Parts Before You Take Your Truck Off-Roading

26 July 2016
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TV commercials for pickup trucks often show them thundering through the wilderness, which can make any truck owner itch to take his or her vehicle off the beaten path. Before you do so, however, it's a smart idea to think about some upgrades. While it's true that your stock truck parts will likely allow you to enjoy some off-roading adventures without problems, you'll want to buy some aftermarket truck parts and have them installed if you think you'll be spending considerable time pushing your vehicle on less-than-ideal terrain. Read More 

Types Of Tires

15 July 2016
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Whether you're a new driver looking to replace your tires for the first time, or another seasoned road-warrior looking for a change, researching tire types and picking a suitable type can be daunting and a bit intimidating for the unprepared. Fortunately, things don't have to be that complicated. Below are the major tire types, summarized for your convenience. Summer Tires As the name suggests, summer tires are designed to excel in spring and summertime driving applications. Read More 

Improve Your Car Stereo’s Sound With Three Simple Steps

9 July 2016
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When you get in your car and turn on your radio, you don't expect quality or clarity to be lacking. However, in some cases, the stereo sounds so bad, you'd rather not even have it on at all. Often times, there are small adjustments you can make to rectify this situation on your own. Adjust Music File Compression Levels In some cases, your low-quality audio isn't the fault of your car stereo. Read More 

The Best Upgrades You Can Add To Your Trailer

6 July 2016
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The great thing about a trailer is that it often has a flexibility that other options, such as a dump truck, do not provide. However, the utility trailer you purchased may not be everything that it could be. With a few upgrades, your trailer will be more durable and will also have characteristics that will make it safer and easier to pull. Switch To LED Tail lights The bulb filaments of traditional trailers will usually corrode and break. Read More 

8 Point Summer Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

8 June 2016
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Before you start enjoying the great summer weather on your motorcycle, you need to perform some maintenance on your motorcycle, especially if you didn't use it regularly during the spring and winter time. Here is an eight-point motorcycle maintenance checklist that will help you get your bike ready for the summer road. #1 Fuel System If it has been multiple months since you last rode your bike, and you didn't add fuel stabilizer to your gas tank before you stored your bike, the fuel inside of it may have turned gooey. Read More