Upgrade These Parts Before You Take Your Truck Off-Roading

26 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

TV commercials for pickup trucks often show them thundering through the wilderness, which can make any truck owner itch to take his or her vehicle off the beaten path. Before you do so, however, it's a smart idea to think about some upgrades. While it's true that your stock truck parts will likely allow you to enjoy some off-roading adventures without problems, you'll want to buy some aftermarket truck parts and have them installed if you think you'll be spending considerable time pushing your vehicle on less-than-ideal terrain. Here are some truck parts that will come in handy during your next off-roading session.

Off-Road Suspension

The stock suspension in your truck is designed to give you a smooth ride on normal driving surfaces, but won't provide the high degree of suspension you need on consistently bumpy terrain, dry riverbeds, and steep slopes. You won't regret upgrading your truck with an off-road suspension kit. This selection of suspension parts includes new shocks, struts, springs and more, all of which are designed to keep your vehicle as steady as possible when the ground beneath your tires is unreliable. It's no fun getting jostled around inside the cab on a rough ride, but an off-road suspension kit will mean that you're no longer bumping your head on the ceiling of the cab.

Front Winch

Any truck owner dedicated to off-roading adventures should always have a winch installed on the front end of the vehicle. The reality is that it's easy to get stuck in soft mud or other difficult terrain, and it's a hassle to have to call someone to come rescue you. A heavy-duty winch should provide all the rescuing you'll need — just climb out of the cab, hook the winch to a stable object such as a thick tree, and allow it to pull your vehicle out of the mud and back onto dry ground.

Grill Guard

It doesn't take much to lose a bit of control when you're riding in rough terrain, and the last thing you want to do is bounce the front of your truck off a rock or tree and cause considerable body damage. The solution comes in the form of a grill guard. This heavy-duty accessory mounts to the frame of your vehicle and will protect the lights, grill and body panels from damage by absorbing any blows from inanimate objects. Many grill guards are designed to have space for a front winch, making it ideal to buy these parts together.