The Best Upgrades You Can Add To Your Trailer

6 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

The great thing about a trailer is that it often has a flexibility that other options, such as a dump truck, do not provide. However, the utility trailer you purchased may not be everything that it could be. With a few upgrades, your trailer will be more durable and will also have characteristics that will make it safer and easier to pull.

Switch To LED Tail lights

The bulb filaments of traditional trailers will usually corrode and break. Therefore, it would make more sense to replace the old light with an LED light. Make sure that the electrical connections are soldered rather than splicing the wires together. Otherwise, the wires will eventually corrode.

Upgrade Electric Brakes To Hydraulic

If your trailer is somewhat old, there is a good chance that you are driving with old, electric brakes. Fortunately, it is easy to have the older electric brakes converted to the newer hydraulic disc system. The heating issues found in electric brakes are reduced considerably, such as the slower braking time and the wear placed on the brakes. This is especially important as trailers become heavier and vehicles become lighter.

Consider Having Your Trailer Enclosed

The type of utility trailer you should purchase is based on what you would like to haul. For example, if you will be hauling something that is very valuable, you will want to have the trailer enclosed to deter theft. Enclosed trailers are also important if you are concerned about your possessions becoming wet in a storm. However, if you are hauling lumber, you may only need an open trailer that is very sturdy.

Inside LED Lights

Add lights to the inside of the trailer. It can be every difficult to load a trailer at night without good lighting and you never know when you will forget a flashlight. Mount LED tap lights on the inside of the trailer. LED lights are weatherproof, so you can use them under any weather conditions.

Add An E-Track System

One of the challenges of preparing a utility trailer for a journey is to find a secure spot to anchor the tie-down system. One option is the E-Track system. This system allows you to bolt the track to the floor. Systems are also available that allow for you to mount tie-downs to the side of your trailer. Use this system to use as any tie-downs as possible because unsecured cargo is one of the leading causes of trailer-related crashes and fatalities.