Why You Should Choose Ceramic Brake Pads For Your Car

28 May 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Your car contains some parts that break down over time. Some of these parts are meant to wear away so your vehicle functions properly. This is true of the brake pads, and they will need to be replaced every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. While you can opt for general brake pads, you may want to think about ceramic ones instead. These pads are more expensive than other options, but they have a variety of benefits.

Better Strength

When you press the brake pedal in your car, the pressure increases in the brake line. This causes fluid to compress, and this activates the brake caliper. This caliper forces the brake pads to squeeze against the rotor. This causes friction that stops your vehicle. As the brake pads squeeze, small pieces of material scrape off the brake pads. This is meant to happen. However, if the pads are made out of a soft material, more material will wear away each time you stop. Most common or all-purpose brake pads are made out of metal flakes and resin. The resin holds the metal flakes together, and it does wear down.

Ceramic pads are not nearly as soft as the metal and resin ones. These pads are constructed out of thick and hard ceramic fibers. The woven fibers resist friction and stress better. This means the brakes are stronger and able to last longer that other varieties. Since the pads are harder, they will stop your car quicker as well. This can translate into a much safer vehicle. Ceramic is lighter too, so the pads can be moved with ease to reduce general stress on the braking system.

Reduced Pad Dust

When all-purpose brake pads squeeze against the rotors, the fine resin and metal materials that break away form a dust. This dust can cover the wheel wells as well as the exterior of your car. Since the dust will contain metal particles, it can cause small scratches to appear on your vehicle body, rims, and wheel covers. The dust is also black and difficult to remove when you wash your car. 

Using ceramic pads will help to reduce the amount of dust that is created when you brake. Also, the dust that is created is a lighter color and it weighs less. This means it is less noticeable, more likely to fly away into the air, and it is easier to clean off your vehicle.

Brake pad changes need to be completed as part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine. When picking out brake pads, consider opting for ceramic varieties since they have many benefits over all-purpose kinds. You can click here for more information on auto repair options.