How To Maintain Windshield Wipers

25 May 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Windshield wipers are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If they are not properly functioning, they can greatly impair your vision in inclement weather, which increases the chances of a collision occurring. Thankfully, there are a number of simple steps that you can take to ensure that your windshield wipers are in good working order. 

Visual Inspection

You should take a look at your windshield wipers at least once a month to ensure that they haven't become damaged and replace them if they have. Look at the rubber strips along the wipers for signs of pockmarks, cuts, or missing material. Additionally, check to ensure that the arm of the wiper is keeping the blade flush with the windshield. Damaged blades can simply be swapped out: a wiper arm that is out of alignment should be looked at by a mechanic.


You should replace your wiper blades regularly to ensure that they are working properly. While exact times will depend on the quality of the blades and how often they are used, you should generally look to replace your wiper blades at the start of the fall and the start of the spring, right before the snowy and rainy seasons start, respectively. Furthermore, you should replace your wiper blades if they are streaking or jumping across the windshield while in use, usually accompanied by a high pitched squealing.


You should clean off your wiper blades every time you stop to get gas. Just use a rag to wipe away any debris that has become stuck on the blade, as that can wear away the rubber of the blade over time. Furthermore, you should clean the windshield to ensure that any stuck on debris is not transferred to the wiper blade during future use.


In the winter, always clear your windshield of ice and built up snow using an ice scraper or similar tool. Avoid using metal utensils, as this can damage the glass and wiper blades. Using wipers to work at the ice on your windshield will wear away the blades very quickly and make them much less effective.

Cracks and Chipping

Have any cracks or chips that have developed in your windshield looked at and replaced immediately. Besides representing a threat to the structural stability of your windshield and hampering your visibility, they create an uneven surface on your windshield, which will cut away at your wiper blades very quickly.

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