3 Easy Tips To Get The Most From Your Auto Windshield Replacement

25 May 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

After your windshield is damaged, if you are like most, you will have it repaired as quickly as possible by a windshield replacement professional. Replacing a car windshield is a fairly simple process that will likely take only about an hour to accomplish. This is one project that usually does not take all that long to complete, but there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind once the new windshield is in place. Here are three easy tips to help you ensure that you get the most from your newly installed windshield. 

Follow the recommended wait time before you drive. 

Once you have your windshield replaced, the technician will give you a specific time frame for when you should be able to safely drive the car without causing damage. Because the different types of sealants and epoxy materials used during installation can vary, the precise curing time can vary as well. Therefore, if a windshield replacement professional tells you to wait a few hours, make sure you follow their advice. Likewise, it is also wise to avoid rough treatment immediately after installation, such as running your car through an automatic car wash, as this could prevent the seal from drying properly. 

Carefully watch out for problems. 

Most people will have their windshield replaced, follow the wait time before driving, and will never see the first problem. However, occasionally a problem can cause the windshield not to seal properly and you will be left with small leaks or weaknesses. For the first few times you drive with your new windshield, pay careful attention for signs of air or moisture slipping through or apparent movement of the windshield. The faster you can catch on to these problems, the easier it will be for a technician to make any necessary adjustments. 

Consider changing your route or parking habits. 

A damaged windshield can come from a lot of places, whether it is a thrown rock from a moving dump truck or vandalism. Either way, the replacement could set you back as much as $150 to $300 depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and may be more if your windshield is more rare or harder to install. If this is not the first time you have suffered a damaged windshield, it is wise to think about making some changes, whether it is where you park your car at work or which route you take home everyday. 

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