Why You Should Replace Car Tires That Have Major Tread Loss

4 June 2016
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Have you been driving around in a car that has lost a substantial amount of tread on the tires? It might be time to purchase new tires for your car, but it depends on the amount of tread loss. You don't want to allow the tires to get to the point that they are almost bald, as it can then become unsafe for you to drive your car around. Discover in this article why driving around with tires that are low on tread can put your safety at risk.

Slides Easier in the Rain

When you drive around with a small amount of tire tread, it becomes dangerous to drive when it is raining or even if the streets are just wet. Basically, your car can end up hydroplaning out of control and might cause you to get into a collision. Hydroplaning is possible because shallow tire tread makes it hard for water to be moved from under the tires when you are driving. Keep in mind that the safest tires are the ones with the deepest grooves.

Hard to Grip Pavement When it Snows

If you live in a region that receives large amounts of snow on a regular basis, you can really benefit from replacing the worn out tires on your car. You must understand that the tread on tires is strategically designs in various patterns. The purpose of the tread patterns is to grip snow when you are driving so your car won't lose contact with the pavement. The tread patterns will basically dig into the snow as your wheels rotate. When the tires are low on tread, it can become extremely hard to slow down or stop your vehicle under snowy weather conditions.

Easier to Get Punctured

Tires are typically strong enough to ride over various objects without getting punctured. However, when tires lose a lot of tread, they become easier to get punctured. Each time that you drive your car, you lose more and more tread, which can eventually lead to you riding around with bald tires that can get punctured extremely easy and blowout. It is in your best interest to get your worn out tires replaced before they cause any major problems and put you at risk for getting into an untimely collision. Get in touch with a tire dealer and look for tire sales so you can purchase new tires for your car and have more safety when you are out driving around.