Turn That Metal Junk On Your Land Into Cash

25 May 2016
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If you have been ignoring that growing pile of old metal junk that is littering your rural property, then you will be pleased to know that you can easily convert some of it into quick cash. By recycling your discarded metal items, you will be helping the environment as well as greatly improving the look of your property. And, if you have been putting off this task because you do not have a truck or trailer to haul off everything to the recycling center, then you can have a recycling dumpster dropped off in your driveway.

Below is further information about those items you may have that can be recycled:  

Old Vehicles and Car Parts

If you have old broken vehicles lingering in your yard, they can be scrapped whole by your local scrapyard. Automotive scrapyards often contract with a local towing company to tow discarded vehicles, so you should start by contacting the scrapyard to see if they can arrange towing and will pay you a scrap fee for your old cars.

If you have a pile of random old car parts, then you should toss any metal items into your recycling dumpster except for the following parts which need to be taken to an automotive parts store for proper disposal:

  • car and truck batteries

  • oil or fuel tanks

  • parts containing fluids

Additionally, parts that are made of aluminum, such as radiators, can be recycled separately for a higher payout.

Gardening Tools and Equipment

If you have broken ladders, lawn mowers, or gardening implements, then you can put those into the dumpster. Lawn mowers and other gas-powered machines can be recycled as long as you first drain out any oil or gas first. Gardening implements should have their wooden handles removed before you place them in the dumpster. For an added bonus in your recycling pay, you can recycle aluminum ladders separately and get a larger payment for the more valuable aluminum.

Pet and Livestock Equipment

Old livestock troughs and feeders can be recycled even if they are rusty or dirty. Brush off any loose dust with a broom and then toss them into the recycling dumpster. Place them inside the dumpster with their open end upward so that you will not have a large void in the dumpster that can be filled with other metal objects.


As the years pass, it is easy to ignore all of the accumulated metal junk sitting around on your property. If this is the year you have decided to finally take action and take care of the problem, then you should contact your local waste management and recycling company to rent your scrap metal dumpster.