Tips For Helping You Be Prepared For Roadway Emergencies

6 May 2016
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Nothing can be more frightening and frustrating than when your car breaks down on a busy interstate. Even worse, consider the times your car may break down in deep snow or in a bad part of town. Making sure you are prepared for roadway emergencies is important and in some cases, could even save your life. Follow these tips for ensuring you are always prepared for roadway emergencies.     

Your Insurance Coverage And Auto Towing Services

If you are not sure about what your insurance coverage is for towing and roadside assistance, taking the time to find out is important. Some insurance companies will pay up to 75$ on a towing bill. Some insurance companies also offer other coverage for roadside assistance like lockout services, delivery of fuel if you run out of gas, help with changing a tire and more. If you do not have roadside assistance coverage on your auto policy, adding it is one of the best ways to remain safe on the roadway after your car breaks down. Consider as well the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will always have a way home, even if your car breaks down.

Being Stuck In Deep Snow Can Be Deadly

In the event you have to drive in snow, knowing you are prepared if you get stuck is a good feeling. In deep snow, you may end up stuck in the car if towing companies are overworked or unable to reach you. Keeping a survival kit in your car during harsh winters is smart. Collect these items and put them in your car so you will always be prepared for being stuck out in the cold:

  • Hand crank charger for your mobile device because if your car's battery is dead, you won't be able to charge your phone.

  • Food that does not refrigeration. Energy bars and beef jerky are good choices.

  • Bottled water is always a necessity.

  • A couple of thick, warm blankets.

  • A first aid kit.

Knowing you can sustain yourself for a day inside your car in deep snow is important if you live in an area that has harsh winters.

Before you end up trying to sit in your broken-down car and find a reliable, affordable towing service on your mobile device, taking the time to locate one now is a good idea. Once you have a towing service you know you would be able to count on in an emergency, keep that towing service's contact information in your car at all times. You can get towing information with your car's insurance and registration records so you know it will always be in your vehicle.